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You have to Believe

  • You have to Believe

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It has been a quiet off season in Sydney. The most exciting thing that has happened in the last few weeks has been the launch of the Waratah’s membership drive, centering around the word “believe.”

Let me throw out a few statements:
- I believe that the Waratahs will play in the Super 15 final this year
- I believe that the Waratahs will play attractive AND winning football
-I believe we finally have a coach who knows what he is doing
I believe that there won’t be one game where the home fans boo the team.

If someone had said any of these to me over the last few years, I would have instantly dragged them to a hospital to make sure they hadn’t suffered any serious head trauma.  However, from speaking to numerous Waratah fans over the last few months, I have heard these opinions again and again.

And these fans truly believe them.

Belief is something that has to be earned. I could say that I believe Miranda Kerr broke up with Orlando Bloom to be with me, but in my heart I don’t really believe that. Waratah fans are truly starting to believe in the team again after a tough few years, and this is due to the hard work put in last season. They earned this belief.

Check out the ad campaign and let us know what you think.

The tides of change are occurring in Sydney, and people are going to be seriously impressed in 2014.

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