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Top 5 Telegraph Titles

  • Top 5 Telegraph Titles

If you read the Daily Telegraph, you will know that to find an article about Rugby Union you will need to dive deep into publication purgatory, somewhere in between horse racing results and innapropriate personals. 

So it would require something massive for the Telegraph to run a Union headline on the back page. Here are five we hope we get to see:


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5.. Alofa Alofa made of dough after signing rich loafer endorsement contract.

4. Breaking: Investigative report into claims Adam Ashley-Cooper doesn't actually have two dads.

3. Cheik yourself before your wreck yourself, Waratahs coach launches debut hip-hop EP.

2. Michael Hooper ends conflict in Ukraine after defeating Putin in dance off.

and last but not least.

1. 100-0. Waratahs rout reds in super rugby grand final.


What headline would you like to see?

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